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Luminar 2018

Till now I have used Nik Software to do the final editing. On the Internet  photographers claimed that Nik Software is dead. A couple of those photographers are Trey Ratcliff and Serge Ramelli. But don't forget, they are payed by Skylum to say so to improve busines for them. But Nik Software is not dead. Google has just decided not to develop it further. After that they even made it free. It is still a great plug-in.

Cactus flower in a lava field

Back to Luminar. You can use it as a stand alone program or as a plug-in to Photoshop or Lightroom, and as said before it is a new and very logical way to edit images.

Luminar contains of around 50 filters and a lot of presets to use, and you can even make your own presets. It is not my purpose to give you a full review, but a small amount of information is necessary.

The presets are shown in the bottom of the screen, and the images show the full effect. The presets are divided into categories.

You can even make your own presets

The filters are on the right side, and for every filter there are several parameters to schrew on. All in all a smart way to do things, and I am sure that Luminar will be one of my favorites in the future.

I installed Luminar mid ovember 2017 on the day it was launched. Already the next day there was an update because of some errors.

Besides from that the process went really slow. To go from Luminar back to Photoshop could take several minutes.

Early December Skylum "offered" some free LUT's - a special kind of presets. Processing with the new LUT's were extremely slow, and I had to remove them again.

I installed the last update just before Christmas. That lead to, that I can't use Luminar as a plug-in to Photoshop anymore, only as stand alone program.

We all make mistakes, but this is too much. The trend is obviously today, that you don't have to make any controls of your product. Just put it on the market and let the customers react.

Another thing is - but it can be me. I have not yet found out how to use Luminar from Lightroom CC.

 I have contacted Skylum some times through their website. It takes about a week before they answer.

I hope they have fixed all the childhood diseases in the end, because this could be a fine program.

In this article there are some examples on my editing in Luminar. They are all from a december holiday on Lanzarote. As you can see, Luminar delivers good and solid work.

Couple resting onthe beach.

Life guard


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