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Some of my subscriptions have shown up being a bit boring in the long run. A couple of them are speed talkers.

Others have what I call the artificial and affected way to talk like only some americans can do. The information can be good and solid, but the whole thing collapses because of the persons.

On my links page there are links to the channels, I have found most pleasure in watching. Here are to be mentioned:


When it comes to gear reviews, the premium channel is DPReview – always good and solid information.

Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Training Channel PTC are channels with good Photoshop tutorials.

The Candid Frame with Ibarionex Perello and Advancing Your Photography with Marc Silber deliver good information about photography as a medium and about images.

Even his images are not my style I admire and enjoy following Thomas Heaton. The way he prepares for an image is unique. I have seen him sitting for hours in a desert waiting for the sun to set. What a dedication.

Last but not least I have watched a lot of videos about Street Photography.

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