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Additional Luminar problems

The rest of the times Photoshop blocked so I had to close it from the job list in Windows or a Luminar action was added to the history panel in PS without anything happened.

I was frustrated. I uninstalled and reinstalled both PS and Luminar without effect.

I contacted Skylum 5-6 times through their website. A couple of times they didn't answer back, and the rest they did about a week later.

They did not suggest anything that helped me. One of the times they claimed, that my problems were because of a slow processor in my PC.

I even bought a new PC, and the problems were still there. I have to say, that I like my new PC, so the buy is not in vain.

The update end January 2018 solved the problem. Now things are working fine. In the description for the update there was a better plug-in performance with PS.

But why the hell couldn't Skylum not admit their problems before.

I think the product will be just fine but why did they lie? It is always good to stick to the truth.



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