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Luminar AI Sky Enhancer Filter

 I opened a RAW file in Photoshop and made a small amount of ajustments before opening in Luminar.

=0% filter Click on the images to se a larger version

Here the filter effect is 0%. As you can see, the highlights are close to white (250 of 255).

=40% filter

Here the filter effect is 40%. The whole sky is darker, but also with flattened highlights (235 of 255).

=100% filter

Here the filter effect is 100%. The dark parts of the sky are delicate, but the highligts are ruined (220 of 255).

Before you are satisfied with the image, you have to bring up the highligths.

The intention was to make a correction with just one filter. It must be possible, and perhaps there will be an update soon maintaining the highlights.

I have contacted Skylum and told them my opinion.

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