Additional Luminar problems

Today it's common, that compagies bring products onto the market, even if they know there will be problems. It can be both hardware and software. Here are some serious problems I had with Luminar from Skylum.

Originally posted 04. February 2018.

About a month ago I wrote about some initial problems with Luminar 2018. I bought Luminar because it lets you do a lot of correction in just one working procedure. Generally I can say, that I like Luminar. But there is a tendency today, that things are brought to the market before they are fully developed.


I can’t do without Photoshop, so I wanted to use Luminar as a plugin. There were many problems from the beginning. Only about 25% of the times I succeded to get from PS to Luminar, putting on an effect and come back to PS. The rest of the times Photoshop blocked, so I had to close it from the job list in Windows or a Luminar action was added to the history panel in PS without anything happened.


I was frustrated, uninstalled and reinstalled both PS and Luminar without effect. I contacted Skylum 5-6 times through their website. A couple of times they didn’t answer back, and the rest they did about a week later.

Their suggestions didn’t help. One time they even claimed, that my problems were caused by a slow processor in my PC. I even bought a new PC, and the problems were still there. What an advice! My new PC is fine, and I love it, so the buy is not in vain.


End January 2018 an update was released, and that solved the problem. Now things are working fine. In the description for the update there was a better plugin performance with PS. But why the hell couldn’t Skylum not just admit their problems.

I think the product will be just fine in the end but why pretend it works ? It is always good to stick to the truth.

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