B/W or color

Back in the good old analogue days, black and white was the main thing for me. It changed with digital photography. I now choose from image to image. The examples are from a trip to Rome.

First posted 20. April 2017

B/W or color is a very big theme with no truth. Here I show some examples. Generally, you can say, that if you choose color, the colors must add something to the image and not be disharmonic.

You can see my images from Rome here.

For me it’s color here. The warm yellow colors on the persons and buildings stand in good contrast to the more cold blue colors in the sky.


The image was shot on the Corso – the main street.

The warm tones in the evening light  are important for the mood.


This image would be nothing without the hat being red.

Both work for me here, but still I think, there is more drama in the B/W version.


Both versions give a good effect here.


The graphical effect is more underlined in B/W, but both are good.


A typical street photo. Here I prefer B/W. When blown up, the orange cloth in the door opening disturbe. But it could be desaturated.

To conclude: There are no rules. Everything is sujective. Photographs are abstractions from the real world. Wheather they are B/W or color, they will stay abstractions.

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