Balinese prayer

My wife and I went to Bali in August 2018. At the same timeI it was a wonderful and a scaring experience, because there was a lot of earthquakes going on in the region. But, I will stick to the positive here. One of the things you notice as a stranger is, that people are very religious.

Originally posted 6. January 2019.

In balinese hinduism people try to maintain a balance between the the gods and the demons. It’s all about harmony in life, and to behave well to get a good reincarnation. To achieve that, you have to pray several times a day, and satisfy both the gods and the demons.

Every day on Bali the women pray and make offerings. They are so graceful in their sincerity. With their elegant hand movements they send the smoke from incense sticks to the gods. The offerings  on the ground are for the demons, and those on the altars are for the gods.

You can see more images from Bali here.

All the images in this portfolio are from a temple in Ubud next to the market.

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