Days in Lisbon

Some things differ Lisbon from other capitals. The pastel colored and tile decorated buildings, the narrow streets with old trams, wonderful historic attractions and the cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

First posted 13. January 2017

The terrain is very hilly. A lot of viewpoints (miradouros) are spread all over the city from where you have a wonderful view.


In the old parts of Lisbon ,Bairro Alto and Alfama, you can enjoy the quiet relaxed life of people. Many, especially the elder ones, only rarely leave the neighborhood. 

Family owned small stores and cheap restaurants are scattered all over, and in some restaurants, you can even listen to Fado music – a melodic music form characterised by longing and sadness. 

Walking around in those neighborhoods, observing people and taking photographs,let you forget modern time for a while.


A special place in Lisbon is Hospital de Bonecas – Doll Hospital. The place has been family owned since it started more than 100 years ago. Here you can get a doll repaired, and there is a museum with old dolls. It’s like heaven for a photographer – a very inspiring place. So, if you go to Lisbon, go there.



Another characteristic thing for Lisbon is the tram lines. Tram line 28 has the oldest wagons and twist beautifully through the old town parts.

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