Fanø Drage Festival

Every year in June there is a big kite festival on the island of Fanø at the west coast of Denmark. The conditions here are ideal with a lot of stable wind coming in from the North Sea. And cars are allowed to drive on the hard beach.

Originally posted 02. July 2017

To get to Fanø you have to take the ferry from Esbjerg. We brought our bikes to be more flexible. An impressive view opened up, when we entered the beach. The sky was filled with kites. The organizers claim, that there are around 10.000 kites in the air.

I like, when people are nerdy and go all in. In the wintertime these people build new kites, and in the summertime, they fly them. People from all over the world come to take part in the festival – as far away as from Japan, but the majority come from Germany and Denmark.

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