ISO is fake

A couple of days ago I watched a video on YouTube with Tony Northrup. In photography ISO is about the sensitivity of the film or sensor, but basically ISO stands for International Standard Organisation, and it sets standards for many things.

Originally posted 22. February 2019

ISO should be a thing, that can be trusted. According to Tony Northrup most of the camera manufactors manipulate with the ISO numbers.

Still according to Tony Northrup Olympus and Fuji are the worst. They cheat about a full stop. If you set the ISO at 400, you’re actually shooting at about 200. It’s an underexposure of 100%.

Why do all the manufactors do that? In that way, it seems as a given camera is able to shoot noiseless at a higher ISO.

For me it’s disgusting, that the manufactors bend the truth this way. And it’s even more incompreehensive, that the organisation ISO let them do it. So stick to the real ISO numbers or discard them and find another way to express the sensor sensitivity.

Watch the video

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