Luminar AI Sky Enhancer Filter

My favourite plugin for Photoshop is Luminar 2018. Almost every image pass here through. Skylum has just released a new update to Luminar 2018 containing a new filter called AI Sky Enhancer. It can be a great help and very time saving in many situations

Originally posted 9. November 2018.

It works as follows: If Luminar can detect a sky, a mask is made to protect the rest of the image. The mask works good, but there are problems with the effect. I have tried different settings, and below follows my opinion.

 First I opened a RAW file in Photoshop and made minor ajustments before opening in Luminar.

Watch the images.

The intention with the filter is to make a correction without masking the rest of the image. And that’s good, but it must be possible not to darken the highlights. I guess, an update is near.

I have contacted Skylum and told them my opinion, and they agree.

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