Rømø Motor Festival 2017

Around 1920 a beach race took place on the island of Fanø on the west coast of Denmark. A few years later it stopped because of a death accident. On many of the beaches on the west coast you are allowed to drive on the hard surfaces.

Originally posted 19. April 2018. 2016 some danish retro car enthusiasts reinvented the old Fanø Motor Festival, but now on Rømø. Both islands lie in the North Sea in the southern part of Denmark. The festival takes place in the first weekend of September. If you are danish or live close to Denmark, you should obviously go there.

The cars or motorcycles must be from before ww2. All participants must dress up like in the 30’ties or 40’ties – and they do as many of the spectators. There is a lot going on with a lot of action. More images from RMF on my gallery page.

Rømø Motor Festival homepage.

Watch the images

By the way, people who play a role are easy to photograph. The possibility for brilliant photographs are high. I have tried to achieve the style of early color film.

There are a lot of things that young people today take for granted but the story of mechanical inventions is exciting and to learn and understand from.

You can also see a slide show on my YouTube page, where I have sepia toned the images and the slide show is accompanied by some old blues music.

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