The Wave and Fjordenhus

From the highway bridge crossing Vejle Fjord, you can see a couple of interesting pieces of architechture in the town, along the fjord-side.

The Wave actually consists of 5 waves and are apartment buildings combining both living accommodations  and sculpture. Architect is Henning Larsen Architects, and they have made a landmark for Vejle with these buildings. It is inspired by the sea and land surrounding Vejle and the Opera House in Sidney by Jørn Utzon. 

I have tried to photograph the buildings as sculpture, but also tried to imagine how it is to live in one of them.

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Just 200 m south of The Wave lies Fjordenhus in the middle of the fjord. It is connected to land by a narrow bridge. The owner is Kirk Kapital A/S –  a part of the Lego family. Architect was the famous danish-icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. You can visit the ground floor, but the 1’st floor houses offices for Kirk Kapital.

The building is characterized by having no vertical lines. Around 850.000 special made multi colored bricks were used. Likewise was all the equipment special made.

Watch the images

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