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BW or Color


Here I chose color. The BW image  will be flat without life. The warm yellow colors on the persons and buildings match the more cold blue colors from the sky.

You can say, That if you choose color, the colors must add something to the image and not be disharmonic.

The same here. The image was shot on the Corso - the main street.

The different tones in the evening light  add something to the image that will be missed in BW.

I like color images with one dominant color. From distance on the Capitoline Hill I noticed the red hat, went closer and shot the image.


 The dramatic effect in this image is kept both in color and BW. For me there is more drama in BW.


 A candid street image like this is best in BW. Color does not add anything to the image.


I prefer the BW version. The graphic effect is underlined in BW. In color it's almost black and white in itself.


 Both versions are usable here.


I like the BW version. There is a small piece of orange cloth in the door opening. It disturbes the eye, but could be made less dominant by desaturating it.

Overall BW is brilliant to tell a story in street photography.

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